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Meet Brad

Dr. Brad Wenstrup’s life has centered on hard work, service, and sacrifice. As a doctor, combat surgeon and small business owner, Brad Wenstrup has a deep understanding of the issues facing America.

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1 week ago

Brad Wenstrup

Monica and I want to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

It has certainly been a challenging year but we have much to be thankful for as we celebrate Thanksgiving today and look ahead to the future.

Like Bing Crosby said, “When I'm worried and I can't sleep I count my blessings instead of sheep."
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Happy Thanks giving to you and your family, Brad

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, my friend!

Happy Thanksgiving & Congratulations on your re-election .

Happy Thanksgiving

Blessings thank you for serving our country.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving to u and your family! Keep up the good work and god bless u always!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Dr. 🙂

Thank you.

Beautiful song

Back at you

Perfect song!

Thanks, same to you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family 👍

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family also your sacrifice in the military as well

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family from Bosnia..💯🍀🦃🎃

Happy Thanksgiving Colonel and family!

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4 weeks ago

Brad Wenstrup

To ensure that we have fair elections, we must ensure all LEGAL votes are counted with complete transparency.

The processes that are taking place in certain states today, understandably, leave so much room for doubt — especially when Americans have many reasons to be doubtful.

The President, as well as any candidate running for office, is entitled to – and should – challenge all instances of impropriety so that Americans can be confident in the outcome of our elections.
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Election Reform!! We need ONE uniform election across our country.

Thank you for publicly stating this. Many representatives are being way to silent

We should not allow the process to be exploited. This is sad day for all of us. We should stand up for the president. Sickening that we don’t

This is a joke NO way did this many people come out to vote for that Idiot and his female clown. I hope and pray Justice is served and President Trump remains our President

All Republicans in Washington need to be out front in support of President Trump!

Have you seen the Dr. Steve Pieczenik video about Election security measures through the military? Is this real?

Mmmmm, this is gonna age like a fine milk.

I find it very difficult to believe Biden mustered the number of votes being reported.

Stand with Republican President Trump. And Fight. It’s time to do your job For The People!

All you in congress need to stand behind him and fight like never before!!!

You are an absolute partisan hack. How you can support 45s words is beyond me. He's acting like a damn child and you're only reinforcing the division in this country. There is no fraud. You're the fraud without a spine.

Thank you Congressman Wenstrup for supporting President Trump and our great country.

Brad where is Bar ? This is a sham !

I just read some of the ballot counters were actually WEARING BIDEN/HARRIS MASKS!!!! This is ILLEGAL!!!!!

And what are you doing to assist our president?

Democrats are a bunch of cheaters, what comes around goes around!!

Have no fear Brad, after law firm dumps trump, Giuliani is now in charge you are such a d-bag.

Dam right brad massive fraud

I hope to God you are joking Brad, and see the absolute hipocrisy in this statement. Wow, I really did think you were smarter than this..

Have you called President Elect Biden to congratulate him?

About time You spoke up. No more Republicans without spines.

Why did you capitalize “legal”? Are there illegal votes?

Brad - you know they have been refining this corruption for decades now. We the People have been asking Congress to do something about this for almost the same amount of time. When we needed you all to stand up and be brave, you simply let us down. Now it just might be too late!

If there’s so much fraud, why aren’t any election workers tasked with tabulating unprecedented numbers of ballots running to the press in states still counting (let alone in the other 44 states) to say “Help - I’m surrounded by fraudulent Biden ballots!” ? What - they’re all in on the fraud and conspiracy? Every last one of them? Some folks here need to get a grip. Let the process work.

I wonder how quickly you will throw Dear Leader under the bus once it becomes clear that a) the election was fair b) Dear Leader’s attempts to discredit the process are disastrously unpatriotic and c) the level of Dear Leader’s corruption will taint everyone who enabled him.

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1 month ago

Brad Wenstrup

Serving the people of southern and southwestern Ohio has been one of the greatest honors of my life, and I'm humbled and filled with gratitude that they have chosen me to serve another term as their representative in Congress. I promise to continue working to defend the health and safety of all Americans in Congress.

Our campaign was fueled by the unwavering belief that we, as a nation, must never abandon our God, our families, and our country. I thank everyone who joined our efforts to continue building upon the successes
we've achieved for all Ohioans, especially my wife, children, and family, as well as the grassroots volunteers whose countless hours of effort made this campaign a success. I'd also like to commend the Democrat nominee, Jaime Castle, for running a formidable campaign.
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Congratulations and thank you for all your service. We can always count on you to advocate for our district. Also thank you for supporting President Trump. I hope people contact all their local republican government leaders and tell them to stand up for Trump and back him! Where is all the outrage from our republican leaders that this election is being stolen?! We the people must be the voice! We can’t let Trump fight this on his own! So people need to email their government officials and tell them to be brave and Stand up for freedom and demand a fair and honest election.

Congratulations! So happy for you and us as you continue to represent the 2nd District.

Congratulations! We were impressed by your acceptance comments! Bless you and yours!

Congratulations! Thank you for your steady leadership. Praying for you and the members and leadership of both parties today...one nation, under God.

Congratulations, Sir! You had my vote, and I am glad to see you won the second term...

Congratulations Brad!! Ee are very lucky to have you represent us in Congress!! Thank you for all of your hard work!!

Congratulations! So happy you are continuing to serve Ohio and this great nation!

Thank you for being a brave upstanding honest politician believing in America. Thank you for your military service. Keep up the good fight.

So glad you won - let’s make american great again. Get our medications out of China.

Congratulations Brad! So glad you are there as our representative again!

Congratulations to you, Brad! Also congratulations to the people of your district!!🇺🇸

Thank you Brad for your service to our district!

Now stand up against this insanity and push for fair and constitutional counting of these votes. If you don’t there will be no more terms for you!

Congratulations! We are blessed to have you! Thank you and your family for your continuing service.

So blessed to have you representing our state. It’s an honor to know you!!!

Congratulations Brad. This election was the first time that I can vote for you. I’m honored that you represent this district.

Congratulations on your re-election. Keep up the great work!

Way to go Dr. Brad!!! Congratulations on the next term.

Congrats Brad!!!! You are an excellent Congressman!!!!

Now let's get the WEP legislation overturned! This legislation was so unfair to city, county, etc. employees.

Way to go Brad! Let's hope that the President finishes strong.

Congrats Brad! Thank you for sticking to our values and serving our families! 🙏

Hearty congratulations on re-election. I agree with Marianne when are you running for President??

Congratulations, Brad, indeed we are very fortunate to have such an upstanding citizen as yourself to represent our district in the US Congress. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do on our behalf.

Thank you for your continued service sir! We appreciate you!

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1 month ago

Brad Wenstrup

It was a pleasure grabbing a quick lunch with the
Republican Women Of Ross County! Thank you for all of your hard work!
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It was a pleasure grabbing a quick lunch with the 
Republican Women Of Ross County! Thank you for all of your hard work!

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Keep up the good work and god bless you always.

Thank you, we enjoyed your visit!

Dr. Wenstrup, you're a true hero. 🙂

Brad why didn’t you invite cardboard trump to join you for lunch. It’s rude to leave it hold up the wall.😂


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