Sep 28, 2017      News      

Steve Scalise Says Brad Wenstrup’s Tourniquet Saved His Life

U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise received a hero’s welcome back to Capitol Hill on Thursday morning, some 3½ months after he was shot while practicing for the annual Congressional baseball game.

In addressing Congress, Scalise subsequently gave his own hero’s welcome to Congressman Brad Wenstrup, the Cincinnati foot doctor who rushed to aid Scalise on the field in June.

Here’s what the Louisiana Congressman said about Wenstrup, a Columbia Tusculum Republican, in a touching, goose-bump-inducing moment on the House floor:

Happened to have Brad Wenstrup on the field that day, and he was one of the first to come to my side. As you know, Brad’s not only a doctor, but he’s a decorated Army Ranger who served in combat. And one of this roles and missions was to take care of people that were wounded before they went off on the helicopter to go get prepared.

Who would’ve thought that God would’ve put Brad out there on that field with me because the tourniquet he applied – many will tell you – saved my life so that I could actually make it to the hospital in time with all the blood loss.

So Brad, where you at?

Members of Congress then rose to their feet to give Wenstrup a standing ovation. He walked to the podium and gave Scalise a hug.

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